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never ending prima vista


Sight reading is an important skill for musicians that should be practiced frequently. But it is very time-consuming to always look for new pieces for it. The PrimaVista app delivers beautiful sounding melodies for every level of difficulty.


Select range and key. Practice without rhythm first? You can also practice just the tones individually.


Play as many sight notes as possible in one minute.




Once you've mastered this securely, then it's time for real sight reading. To do this, select a tempo, a time signature and a few rhythm patterns for the selected tone range.


Good players always read ahead. You can practice this by making the bars disappear early.


Press 'Start' and now play the piece composed especially for you. If you want, the app will interrupt you if there is an error. This way you can also challenge your friends.



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Choose your instrument
Choose the difficulty level
Always play new pieces
Challenge your friends